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About Cathy's Work:   Dropping into Beauty

When I think about being an artist, I think about the ‘why’. The answer remains a mystery and yet artistic expression is an essential part of me, grown organically over the course of my life. I didn’t choose art, art chose me. It has been a calling from my soul/spirit – an innermost need to visually express what I feel and think about this miracle of life. The art comes directly from sensations felt through personal experience especially relating to all things ‘nature’ – the earth and the cosmos. A gradual spiritual connection with both the invisible and visible environment has brought a deep awareness of my inner and outer landscape. Whether we call it ‘beauty’ or the ‘sublime’, this is where my work finds a home.


Over the course of several decades I have used many kinds of materials providing me the vehicle for what I create. Early influences of traditional art materials as well as the childhood family fabric business have greatly impacted my work, yet I am always searching for accessible materials for expression.  I have found that my ‘studio’ can be anywhere - from a closet, to a garage, to an industrial space, to a bedroom, to my car, or on a hike to the top of a mountain. The studio exists wherever I bring my conscious awareness and ideas I am organically urged to express, together with a place and materials.


I am sharing my work with others in the hopes that in those moments of ‘looking’ can connect to a sense of  ‘beauty’ for themselves.

Cathy Breslaw


Cathy Breslaw, a Los Angeles contemporary artist has been featured in over 37 solo exhibitions and has participated in over 50 group exhibitions across the U.S. in museums, art centers, college, university and commercial galleries.  Breslaw’s work is in many private and corporate collections and 3 works are in the collection of the Czong Institute of Contemporary Art, Seoul Korea. She holds an MFA from Claremont Graduate University, Claremont,(CA) and received two fellowships. Breslaw holds a BA in American Studies from George Washington University and an MSW, masters degree in Social Work from Howard University in Washington D.C. Since the 90’s Breslaw has been exhibiting professionally while exploring and expanding her art practice, continually experimenting with materials.


Breslaw has been a speaker at colleges and universities, teaches Art History at Coastline College, and has been a contributing writer for Art Scene magazine of So California, Art and Cake, San Diego Home and Garden, Artillery Magazine, Jonathan Magazine, Vanguard Culture and She was former chair of the Carlsbad Arts Commission, a Jonathan Art Foundation board member, and juror for various exhibitions in San Diego County. 

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